Shern Sharma


“Where’s it all going?”, thought a 19-year old Shern, one moonless winter night at a meditation retreat in northern Vermont. Thus, with the realization that a life of existential rumination was likely on hand, he filled a rucksack with notebooks and a Pentax K1000 and backpacked all the way to Australia.

There, he spent the next five years studying philosophy and marketing, which he rationalized to himself, friends and family as being “ideologically thorough.” But it sounded ridiculous, and what he really wanted to do was tell great stories, so he found his way to film school where he bluffed his way into DP-ing a Foster’s beer commercial in his second year of study.

With a passion for for detail, a keen eye for performance, and strong sense for narrative, Shern no longer wonders where it’s all going. He already knows.