Over 67% of women in America are plus size, with the average size being 14. There are over 100 million women who are categorized as plus size. 

Earlier this year, we were approached by our friend Randy Lee @ Limebeat  to create four nationally broadcast spots for an online subscription brand called Dia&Co.

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Dia&Co is an online personal styling service for plus size women. Launched in 2014 by Harvard School of Business graduates Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert, the three year start up has worked with more than one million plus size women since it’s launch. As part of the campaign, the styling service took out a full page ad in the New York Times during NY Fashion Week with a call to action aimed towards the fashion industry to start incorporating designs for the plus size female population.



The movement, #MOVEFASHIONFORWARD has been trending on Twitter with supporters calling out designers to include plus sizes into their designs. As of press time, the #movefashionforward hashtag has had more than 60,000 social engagements and these numbers continue to grow. The movement has already been covered in Bustle, Coveteur, Fortune, Huffington Post, Observer and Yahoo just to name a few.

We were tasked with directing and producing the commercials. Directed by Habib Yazdi, the commercials featured real life DIA clients and actresses trying on beautiful clothing and expressing their joy by dancing. The brand wanted to draw attention to the fact that these commercials are revolutionary in a non-revolutionary way.

“Unfortunately it’s completely out of the norm to show plus size women on TV celebrating themselves without shame, without acknowledging their “unique” size, and without sexualizing their bodies. We recognize that these images may be jarring to many, and we want to normalize them. That’s why moving fashion forward matters to us – because this isn’t just about clothes. It’s about creating a world where every woman has every opportunity to celebrate herself. “






For Dia, these commercials are about creating a world where every woman has every opportunity to celebrate herself, and we hope they do just that. Follow Dia&Co on FB, IG and Twitter. #movefashionforward

Creative concept and original music were created in house by Randy Lee of Limebeat Studios. Directed by Habib Yazdi of XY Content, the director was sought after for his viral hit “Somewhere in America” featuring female muslim hipsters.


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